April 26, 2007, 11am.



Oh em gee! This wee bloog is looking narsty as all heck! Quick, tell me somethins VERY cool to do with this site!!!!

Andanother news!:

I guess it goes like this, pal-o-mine. I’ve done some various fiddling, and it seems we will all have to be content with this new (slightly imrpoved) version of Van Hellboy2.


Don’t deserve the praise, don’t deserve the fame!!

van-helsing-22.jpgSo, I want to get a better lookin copy of the new VanHalen2 movie posted here, the one I got’s all nasty chunky. But, even so, the critics are already taking notice. Click on above badical assed poster to read of horrorific movies afficionado Rev. Stangl’s short but enthusiastic review!! !!

(I keep wanting to take advantage of my newly purchased abilities to be UNCENSORED in regards to media shown on these here interwebs, but so far it just turns out like a eighteen year old man doing the stand-up comedy!!)

Oh heck! What’s more funnier and mildly unpleasanter than a nude old man and his nude old man peener?!
This you find uplifting! Finally, that gross, fat, gross old lady has found someone willing to satisfy the basic requests of a sex drive inherent to most humans! Eat out that gross, fat, gross old lady, duder! Eat her the FUCK out!  


A Movies!! !

asshole.jpg!!! ! !! Hey! I produced, and my friend Tabey of the famous TV’s Tabey Town starred in our first big-budget, major motion picture, the most horridly anticipated of all sequels of all-time!:

Van Helsing 2!!! Watch the whole damb thing, buddy!


mean jamma

Man, if I thought I hated the new Modest Mouse album, juss wait’ll I hear the new Shins album! I DID hear it! It was terrible!
What’s… um, the deal? Am I the only one in the world who mostly hates each and alls of the new musics s/he’s heard? Not on principle, or anything, far from it, Oily: I surely do would like to find a NEET new band to like a LOT!… but no. The only new-ish (done within the past couple years) albums I can think of for liking at this moment are Joanna Newsom’s “Ys” & Juana Molina’s “Son”. Oh wait! I made some good stuff! Oo, so did my friends! Yeah, OK, yeah. So: only Joanna Newsom, Juana Molina, and me & some of my friends know how to make good music anymore then, yeah? That’s what you’re implying, no? If you don’t tell me otherwise in 2 seconds I’ll assume that’s what you’re getting at… I don’t have a second timer. No I joke, sort of! But no, I really have no timer. But, Friendly, I assume that there’r’re plenty-a-plenty of quite good musico projects being made by tiny lil fellas and ladies that noboy’s ever heard of. I’m positive. I’m a positive and optimising sort of human man! But, the point, originally, if a point it can be called, well, it’s that: I’m thinking of stuff by FAMOUS music people! The Musical Industry of Noise & Commerce. ! . Stuff where somebody says, “Have you heard the new ‘Rock Band’ album?” And you go, “No! But I certainly am familiar with ‘Rock Band’ and their music, and I will check out their newest effort! Dude!”
Not to be a “dick” or “asshole” or “cunt” or “cock” or “twat” or “prick” or “rectum” or “quim” or “scrotal testicular sack” about it, and, hey! I know I love-a talk the shit more than a proper boy ought, ‘specially one so dense and fickle, but all the alterndie bands I’m spossa like? No I don’t! Almost nevery time!
Awesome musics I’m not liking but should be, according to Youth Culture &, include, but are not limited to, Of Montreal, Arcade Fire, The Decemberists, The Shins, Iron & Wine, Bright “Brown Turd” Eyes, Sufjan Stevens, Elliott Smith, Mount Eerie, Postal “Suck My Stankin Assho” Service & The Def Cab Cuties, Clap Your Asscheeks & Say “Yeah”! (I don’t really mind “Clap Your Hands…” but I like to say “Clap Your Asscheeks”. Even if only in the VIRTUAL WEBERNET world. “Clap your asscheeks…”)

I spent like uh hour editing together pieces from the last 2 (terrible-ish) Modest Mouse albums into what I hoped would be a reasonably palatable 40 minutes of… stuff. A lame project? Fine, but! Was fun. Only tooked a hour an now I haffit FREVER!!!

If, for some reason, you want to hear my Jamal-a-fied version of Modest Mouse’s “Good News For Dead People On A Boat That Sinks…”


Let us dress up like cranbows! Let’s play! KING TOAD KING TOAD KING TOAD KING TOAD

Dear diary,

Today was fun! 1:Zuma on the phone2:My fiends came ovre and we playd!! :



Der diray:

I think i’ twould be neat! to make a list of all the BESST sonngs to hear, right??!!!!!Then you would only have to hear the BEaSSTS SONNGSN!! EVRER!!! !!so far 1 have thought of one COOOl soong for my LISTTMANIAC!s!

1. Ween (“Ween”:the band(weee’n)CD’sandtapes,etc.): Now I’m Freaking Out (“now i’m greakinf out”songs/musical/note)

Send you OWN list to

c/o President of America!
White House

I bean learning computer musical slices and cubings a lil lil. Starting to, anywhat. Worked the past couple few days mostly on remixing one of my cumpadrey Aleph’s songs, theoretically for our forth!coming supre!group pornoGRAFIX band PussyBoner’s multimediAlbum Spektaclar”theBig!BigTits!”..Or somethign like that … Whart, you having heard about the pronographoical suppergroupPuffyBiner?,em,PinnerBooner? Um,anywhich,Here’s a tiny fragment, ok, by

This Song



Look Out,World!hEre I coem!!>!!

I bought some of the internet. It’s mine to use. I be putting pictures of my face and ass and tits all OVER the joint! You won’t be able to click a GOOGLE without staring my ass in the face, girl!

Also …maybe a song or 50 to hear? And some videos to see? And, and, and, a thrill ride of a INTERWEB DIARY telling my most PERSONAL and DRAMATIC thoughts and feelings EVER! MACRO-blog jerk-off FEVER!

Don’t “change that dyle”, Skeezix!; just a-keep on starin and a starin at this here website… soon I will have added something WAY cool, Champster!!!

…Any minute now!!!…

…. Here, listen to a songs… Insatiable


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