lol joes site what fag

The internets are so weird, duder! Like, people do… what? — make chat-sites and form little interchat communities so they can mindlessly fling emoticons at each other? I’m so dizzied by this modern life, and the ease with which any individual can display their tiny brains to the world.

Anyway, check this out, some random baboon picture10.jpgposted a chatty thread about me own lil ol’ website on HIS lil ol’ website! His baboon friends had a brief but vigorous response, from which I learned:
-I am a fag
-I am gay
-I am a racist fuck
-Unshaven vulvae are repulsive
-Men with “extra foreskins” are repulsive
I think we all suspected these things from the start, but it’s good to have it in writing. Hey though, why is one of the users on the site named Kingtoad? What kind of bullshite is that. Goddamned interwebs.



From The Jubi Show, season 2 episode 1.

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your weird community

Local access T.V. is such a dizzying turd of colors and sounduals sometimes. Like, fer take as example, right now I’m watching some random as of yet unidentified dance recital on UITV. Modern dance is an abomination, right? It hurts my feelings. But if I close my eyeholes, the music they’ve per-chanced to use for this specifics preformace is some terribly lovely folk music I’m altogether unfamiliar with. S’all percussion and fiddle and accordion, vocals a quite certainly not-in-English-words style. …I keep getting curious and glancing at the screen, which always ends in sadness, but I’m naively hoping they’ll put some sort of informational graphicals up. …No, now that person’s’s’ part of the show is over and it’s mysteriously moved on to the next.

How ever am I to learn what was the music they used on some or other dance show I saw on UITV, and how am I to live without it, having now heard its total radness?

Meanwhile, on my channel, some heart breakingly doomed Iraqi civilians are narrating their demise; don’t know what show it is and haven’t got the stamina to find out.  … Wouldn’t you know it, I slept till 7pm today. 16 1/2 hours of sleep, a new Jmen’s records. T’wasn’t particularly refreshing, I must say.


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