Songy Challenge 2.17.8 “O’ Wretched Winter!”



Shit! I can’t even believe I never understood that 2/14 is “V-Day.” Forget my birthday, forget Valentine’s Day: at least this is something with an actual worthwhile point (hippie dippy celebrity guest stars aside).

I mean, um, what the shit, yo? Violence against women seems to be about the most prolific, destructive, and unconscionably tolerated form of hate crime in the world. Pisses me off more than I can say. It’s like it’s just an accepted fact that women are second class humans, and as such, are at the mercy of their big gross retarded superiors.

I remember when I was a kid I read that something like 1/2 of male college students polled said they would commit rape if there was no chance of getting caught. I chose not to believe that statistic at the time; but as the years go on and the atrocities pile up before mine very eyes, I’m starting to have trouble not believing the worst about people.

So seriously, what is WRONG with the male of this species? Are we that inherently evil? The endless reports of thousands upon thousands of women and girls all over the world being raped every single day make it hard to stay optimistic.

I also remember, as a kid, reading some graffiti carved into the pavement that said “KILL RAPISTS.” It stuck with me. And though I’ve never been into the death penalty, it’s sounding like less and less of a bad idea, in spite of my attempts to take some sort of morally righteous high ground.

Sorry, I’m dwelling on the negative here. V-Day is, I believe, supposed to be not only about ending violence against women, but about women embracing their own sexuality, beginning with their vaginas (i.e. “vulvas”). Good plan, let’s go! Seriously, I could type for a whole afternoon just on that subject; my own vulva envy often leads me to feel quite distraught over the lack of respect with which female genitals are treated, by both men and women. Come on people, celebrate those vulvas! They’re all kinds of cool! More interesting than a big, dumb, obvious ol’ peener any day. (It’s true, I read it in a interweb!)


-V-Day 4EVRRRRRRRRRR!!!! Vulvic pride rules!
-Sorry about the whole “being a dude” thing; we suck, I know.
-Ladies, please please please buy some pepper spray or some other self-defense apparatus thingy. Let’s see to it the next would-be rapist in Iowa City (or anywhere) gets his eyeballs ripped out.


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