Buddha (“is chicago”)


goode ol’ tom petty sayd it bess…

m”ossa the things i…

wory aboute.,

…never happen

anywayay “!


(‘keep it on the +, cuz it is hard to find’

–brown-eyed pees)

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It’s all gone to shit again!!!

1)My stupid goddamn head hurts (yes, it hurts all the time, but I only mention it when it’s debilitating)

2)My stupid goddamn website is all jacked up and won’t upload any new image files

3)I’ve been out of weed for days and days and am getting progressively grumpier and meaner all the time

4)I have to go to Chicago tomorrow morning through Friday night for some retarded work conference; I would probably hate the idea under any circumstances, but feeling like shit multiplies the hate exponentially and adds a heaping dose of terror

5)Dumb-asses keep trying to talk to me (that’s not a very legitimate complaint– it happens every day; but usually I have the inner strength to manage)



This has nothing to do with me…

…but it’s pretty rad (to MY brains, anyways).

(If you love it too much like I did you might even be able to buy their compact disc. if you’re lucky.)


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