Where the hell is King Toad????

In my on-going battle to make google acknowledge this website (which is going very poorly, by the way) I stumbled upon this page. Some sort of internet radio website or whatever.
There are several problems with their King Toad page, the most important I guess being that none of the King Toad songs will actually play. But that aside, why are there a shit ton of random King Toad songs on their site anyway? Not that I mind really, but I am quite perplexed to see a track named “Two Scoops” included, as I’m pretty sure I don’t have any songs by that name. Too bad I can’t listen to it!



Why Am I So Romantic? by King Toad

The new King Toad album “Why Am I So Romantic?” is very near completion. No, like very near. In the meantime, you can listen to three new songs on the King Toad page at Rupert “myspace” Murdoch Inc. dot com slash net. dubya dubya dubya.

One of the tracks is a collaborative type deal with aCraven type individual.

The album should be all the way for real finished and available for listening within a month or so. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg! The 1st King Toad album in 3 years??!!?? Holy craps!!! How excited!!! How excited you are!!!! You must be spraying pee all over the place, huh???!!!! Torrents of uncontrollable urinary explosions!!!! This is how your all-consuming King Toad anticipation finds its relief!!!!! Sick!! Sick, dude!!!! U. R. NASssssssSSSTY!!!!!


King Toad

King Toad????


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King Toad

“King Toad.”

-King Toad


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FruoidsSXkniinyyu retuRNDSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MORe againn!

Why come if I used to do a “king toad” google search this site was the 1st hit, now if I do a “king toad” google search this site don’t show up a’tall? Do I need to use the term “king toad” excessively in all posts to remind the internet of my existence? ?? .
Update: Wow, that worked weirdly fast. Right back up at the top of the search results already? I don’t understand the internet at all. “king toad”

Hay!!ey!! Furious Skinny, the Band of 2 Monsters, just finished a cover of an old They Might Be Giants “Dial-a-Song” song: “The King of Wingo.” The cover was originally for inclusion on a Dial-a-Song tribute album, the plans for which have since been nixed by TMBG’s management. NO tribute album, OK!? The difference this effectively makes, I guess, being that now you can only listen to/download the songs for free, as opposed to paying money for them. The songs are quite bad mostly, don’t try to pay money for them. Furious Skinny’s track is a pungent and crusted pearl among the swine, but I was saddened to find that most all of the singers featured have such, um, difficult singing voices that one’s ears might easily become overwhelmed by and desensitized to off-key howling (a Skinny trademark) before they ever get to Furious Skinny (the final track on this non-album). Well oh well, right? Ya know what they say!!!! “king toad”.

king toad “king toad” king toad?! kingtoad kING ToaD..,

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This IS A Protest Song

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Songy Challenge 7.31.8 “Mean Jamal”


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