Live @ Uptown Bill’s 9.10.10


Songy Toad vs. Football Saturday


Playing At A Thing

So I played at Uptown Bill’s open mic this evening, 2nd time I’ve played @ their new location (1st was open mic 2 weeks ago). Their new location upstairs from Public Access TV where I work, that is to say. Weirdness. My world keeps shrinking. Shriveling.(?) But that’s cool they’re up there, right? I mean, how more convenient could it be: I don’t even have to take my guitar on the dumb ol bus, I can leave it @ work. I do love convenience. Also, this is the 1st time I’ve played in public in like… 3 years? Some ridiculous amount of time. Or not so ridiculous, I do sort of hate performing… I’m trying to work through it. It was fine tonight, more fun than last time. Yay! Maybe I’ll even mention next time I mean to play just in case anyone wants to know it. Maybe who knows we’ll see ok!!!

(This is not a guy from Bill’s open mic, but he  is vaguely reminiscent of the pain I associate with open mics.)


My Website Got Suspended!

I put up dirty pictures & my website got suspended. Actually I’ve put up dirty pictures from time to time for like the past 3 years or more, so I’m not sure what finally caught bluehost’s eye. I didn’t even know dirty pictures were against the rules! Ah well, my new career as a pornographer didn’t take off like I thought it would anyway, I guess I don’t so much need to put up dirty, filthy, dirty, lurid, filthy adult pictures of woo woos and peeners and labial clitorexes and scrotational skin sacks! No more! Never again. King Toad The Website is a clean fun wholesome fun clean time for the whole clean family! Now let us never speak of this again.


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