King Toad is a music

So listen up, Chaz. To build anticipation, longing & need for the awesome, fabulous, amazing new King Toad album (tentatively scheduled for release this summer), I’m-a gone be making some free extra musics available to you, the hypothetical public.

Firstly, there will be new King Toad rarities posted to this website at the beginning of each month. Rejects from previous albums, scraps from unfinished projects, etc. This month we’ve got I Can’t Hear You, a weird little experiment from my early days of recording & editing tracks on a computer, and Jelly Man, an unfinished song from over a decade ago.

Secondly, and more or perhaps less excitingly, I am in the process of remixing and remastering my 2008 album, “Why Am I So Romantic?” I’m cleaning it up a little, removing some digital clipping noise, blah blah blah. Once completed I will have the revamped “WAISR?” available in its entirety for free on this site. Hard copies of greater fidelity (also known as “Compact Discs”) will be available for purchase as well.

Now, are you properly pumped? Stoked? Ready to buy bucket-loads of King Toad merchandise & paraphernalia? Good, good. That’s all I wanted to hear.


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