New album now available for digital download!

I put it off as long as I could but have now conceded: the new King Toad album “Hooray for the Bad Guy!” can now be found on bandcamp. Download away, virtual humans…
12/7/11 Oh I should be more positive about it than that! Heavens to mercy! It only just now occurs to me (thanks to Aprille) that you lovely, beautiful folk to whom I callously referred as “virtual humans” are my BEST friends! Yes the BEST! YOU, warm, living bodies are actually giving MY frothing, capitalistic body the MOST money when you downloads this shit (as compared to other methods of purchasing the LP)! So DO it! DownLOAD this shit, muckahuckas! I LOVE you! BUY things!!!xxoo FReDomisN’t Freee.!!


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