6) How To Decompose

Written and recorded ’99-’00 on mini disc 4 track. This is King Toad’s angriest, screamiest album. Rawkus roll. 16 tracks, 45 minutes long. $8.00, postage included.

Track list (click on the linky linked ones n you can hear em!!!):
1)Underwater 2)Demands 3)Bleeding (part 1)
4)Will You Please Get Out Of The Way? 5)Bury Me
6)King Toad 7)Any Given Situation 8 )Insatiable
9)In Circles 10)Talking 11)Apology
12)Bleeding (part 2) 13)Flies, etc…
14)The Day I Found Out I Was The Devil
15)Out Of You 16)Homesick

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