5)Down With the Ship

23 tracks, 56 minutes. Not much whining, not a whole lot of screaming. Lots of short, poppy, surreal, chirpy tunes. There are still a few grisly, death obsessed tracks for the morbid King Toad fan, and even a couple angry complainy songs for the angsty King Toad fan. But it’s a fun kind of angry, a fun kind of dead. Right, guys? I recorded songs for a CD, right guys? Recorded and mixed on mini-disc 4 track, 2000-2001 (mostly). $8.00, postage included.

Track list: 1)Sleeping Through The Alarm Again 2)Talking 3)What’s Best 4)Long Gone 5)A Song For Picnic Singing 6)Fashion Model/Superstar 7)Heaven 8)Beached 9)Skin Deep 10)Making The Most Of Ourselves 11)Car Parts And Eggshells 12)Out Cold 13)Gleam 14)A Hurtful Employee 15)Rusted Oil Drum 16)Two Steps 17)A Picnic For Song Singing 18)The Silly Duck 19)King Toad 20)Fever Song 21)Mary’s Skull 22)606 23)Some These Days
Mary’s Skull

Still INTRIGUED? Here’s the lyrics and stuff

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