3) ion


Released Oct. 2005, “ion” is possibly the most hyper-active King Toad album to date. 25 tracks, most under 2 minutes in length. Much more in the traditional old-school King Toad style than the 2003 release “Reflux”. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I sure don’t know! Maybe you do. Bits and pieces of this were recorded on various multi-trackers over the years, 1998-2005. 51 minutes of disc playing! $8.00, postage included.

Tracks list: 1)Where Do You Go? 2)Theme from “The Tape Cuing Show” 3)You Dog! 4)God Help Me 5)A Fine Day for Boating 6)Where Can We Go? 7)Daisy (Pt.26) 8)Lunch Hour 9)Green Hair 10)A Poor Day for Boating 11)Green (King Toad) 12)1/2 the Battle 13)Hold Tight 14)Down with the Ship 15)Smack Dat Pempo! 16)Salt Water 17)Stumble 18)Old Poop Eye 19)You’re the One 20)Betty 21)Heaven 22)Zombie Attack 23)Too Late 24)What Now? 25)King Toad (Green)

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