Released in October of 2003. 9 songs (9? after “Down With…” had 23?), 36 minutes long. Muchly differenter from the other Toad albums. Longer songs, less screamy more pretty. And saddy. Electric guitars and drum loops are largely replaced by acoustic instrumentation & hand percussion. Recorded on digital 16 track. Some people say to me: “This is your best work yet! It’s so different – in GOOD way! XXXXXXOOOOO!!” Other people say: “I like it NOT as much as the old skool style.” What do YOU think: best ever, or all washed up? You will have to buy all my CD’s to find out. $8.00, postage included.

Or listen to it & download it like a Modern Humanoid.

Track list:

1)Unnatural, 2)The Button, 3)William Tell
4)When It’s Dark, 5)Stories To Get Through
6)Roll Me Over, 7)The Time It Takes
8)Enfolded, 9)Blank

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