I got some new shit, it goes like:

Ye New Olde Year

Xmas Fever!

T. Smiths


Suicide King, August-September 2012


Suicide King. June-July 2012.


Pros & Cons

Areli River acts like a doofus again.!


goode ol’ tom petty sayd it bess…

m”ossa the things i…

wory aboute.,

…never happen

anywayay “!


(‘keep it on the +, cuz it is hard to find’

–brown-eyed pees)

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-that Hans told me that the smell of the “Rock Star” beverages rockstarjuiced.jpg I tend to quaff before, during and after production of episodes of The Jubi Show makes him nauseated?? He did!

-the 1st hit you get if you google “blood diamonds” is a website (sponsored by a group representing over 50 diamond industry organizations) assuring concerned consumers that, thanks to the introduction of The Kimberley Process, over 99% of the diamonds being mined in today’s market are not only conflict free, but GOOD for impoverished African countries and their economies??
The facts as your sponsored google sites see them!
Mmmm! All the horse shit you can eat!

The facts as some less cheery folks see them!

-a friend who shall remain anonymous for personal privacy reasons requested that I post some photos from and He did!!

And I’m all too happy to take requests… BUT!!! I ain’t puttin no poop fetish porn up here, if only because it makes me personally feel ooky! Hell, maybe I’m unjustly bigoted against the poop sex people. Maybe if 1 or more consenting adults enjoy incorporating poop eating/smearing/etc. into their lovemaking, then it’s nobody’s business but their own. Yeah?! Maybe. BUT it is not pleasant for my eyes or brain, so: NO shiteaters today. Sorry everybody.

Superbush on the other hand…
It’s refreshing to at least see some pornography where the women haven’t all succumbed to crotch shaving, yeah? Am I right? Faux-teen-jailbait hairless crotches seem to have become the norm in the world of mainstream porn. ‘Sup with that? I mean, these folk here aren’t even approaching being shockingly hairy, they’re just… regular not-shaved hairy. You go with your pubes of hair, ladies! And just to keep things a little balanced, here’s some some gross hairy man genitals, too. Enjoy?…


The Life Is A Thing That Takes Up You Time!

Sorry, interweb lovers, I haven’t posted in, um, like a WEEK! You’ve had NOTHING to look at on your computer net screens for day after sad, sad day! Well, it’s been some busy times for me, OK? Sheez! Give us a slack! Friends in town and all that stuff — you know how it goes! Boy we sure have some fun times and everything though, don’t we? We sure have some fun times…


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