The Cabinet of a WEEIIRD Doctors!!!

Short weird American version of the 1920 German film “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.” Irritating old organ music replaced by irritating new rock music from the bands what have a names– “Furious Skinny”, “King Toad”, and “Pussy Boner & the Big Big Tits”? FRIOUDS SNkNIY!!!


From Wall Drug to Washington State

Flashback to 2002– Furious Skinny are your guides on this surreal trip through the grungy wild wild west.


FruoidsSXkniinyyu retuRNDSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MORe againn!

Why come if I used to do a “king toad” google search this site was the 1st hit, now if I do a “king toad” google search this site don’t show up a’tall? Do I need to use the term “king toad” excessively in all posts to remind the internet of my existence? ?? .
Update: Wow, that worked weirdly fast. Right back up at the top of the search results already? I don’t understand the internet at all. “king toad”

Hay!!ey!! Furious Skinny, the Band of 2 Monsters, just finished a cover of an old They Might Be Giants “Dial-a-Song” song: “The King of Wingo.” The cover was originally for inclusion on a Dial-a-Song tribute album, the plans for which have since been nixed by TMBG’s management. NO tribute album, OK!? The difference this effectively makes, I guess, being that now you can only listen to/download the songs for free, as opposed to paying money for them. The songs are quite bad mostly, don’t try to pay money for them. Furious Skinny’s track is a pungent and crusted pearl among the swine, but I was saddened to find that most all of the singers featured have such, um, difficult singing voices that one’s ears might easily become overwhelmed by and desensitized to off-key howling (a Skinny trademark) before they ever get to Furious Skinny (the final track on this non-album). Well oh well, right? Ya know what they say!!!! “king toad”.

king toad “king toad” king toad?! kingtoad kING ToaD..,

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