I don’t update this website anymore!

I guess because I don’t think people look at it anymore (especially since it’s been “hacked” & “corrupted” & no longer shows up using search engines).

Yesterday I was looking at some of the earliest months of webbage I created for this site, pretty good stuff! (Further evidence that life just keeps getting worse & worse & worse, year after year after year.)

Regardless: buy my new album. I forgot to even post about that on here. Buy My New Suicide Album, “Sideways,” or I’ll kill myslef!!! AGAIN!

Also, here’s the latest update on the MS disease-modifying drug BG-12, for anyone who’s interested.


Website Hacked

So apparently this website has been hacked, and anyone trying to get here from a search engine is redirected somewhere else. This would sadden me more if the site was in any way useful, as it stands it’s just a minor irritation among countless minor irritations. Maybe I’ll just let the domain expire this time around, I don’t know or care about fixing innerweb shenanigans.


Suicide King Pt. 3. July 2012.


New album now available for digital download!

I put it off as long as I could but have now conceded: the new King Toad album “Hooray for the Bad Guy!” can now be found on bandcamp. Download away, virtual humans…
12/7/11 Oh I should be more positive about it than that! Heavens to mercy! It only just now occurs to me (thanks to Aprille) that you lovely, beautiful folk to whom I callously referred as “virtual humans” are my BEST friends! Yes the BEST! YOU, warm, living bodies are actually giving MY frothing, capitalistic body the MOST money when you downloads this shit (as compared to other methods of purchasing the LP)! So DO it! DownLOAD this shit, muckahuckas! I LOVE you! BUY things!!!xxoo FReDomisN’t Freee.!!


Buy my new album, sucka!!!

“The Myth of the Suicide King.” 13 years in the making, or so they say. 2011’s 80 min. ode to death, nature & green days. $8.00, shipping & handling included (for domestic orders).

For international orders there will be a $5 additional shipping fee. Click below to order outside the U.S.

Front cover
Back cover


Toad Myth Part S, August 2011


King Toad is a music

So listen up, Chaz. To build anticipation, longing & need for the awesome, fabulous, amazing new King Toad album (tentatively scheduled for release this summer), I’m-a gone be making some free extra musics available to you, the hypothetical public.

Firstly, there will be new King Toad rarities posted to this website at the beginning of each month. Rejects from previous albums, scraps from unfinished projects, etc. This month we’ve got I Can’t Hear You, a weird little experiment from my early days of recording & editing tracks on a computer, and Jelly Man, an unfinished song from over a decade ago.

Secondly, and more or perhaps less excitingly, I am in the process of remixing and remastering my 2008 album, “Why Am I So Romantic?” I’m cleaning it up a little, removing some digital clipping noise, blah blah blah. Once completed I will have the revamped “WAISR?” available in its entirety for free on this site. Hard copies of greater fidelity (also known as “Compact Discs”) will be available for purchase as well.

Now, are you properly pumped? Stoked? Ready to buy bucket-loads of King Toad merchandise & paraphernalia? Good, good. That’s all I wanted to hear.


My Website Got Suspended!

I put up dirty pictures & my website got suspended. Actually I’ve put up dirty pictures from time to time for like the past 3 years or more, so I’m not sure what finally caught bluehost’s eye. I didn’t even know dirty pictures were against the rules! Ah well, my new career as a pornographer didn’t take off like I thought it would anyway, I guess I don’t so much need to put up dirty, filthy, dirty, lurid, filthy adult pictures of woo woos and peeners and labial clitorexes and scrotational skin sacks! No more! Never again. King Toad The Website is a clean fun wholesome fun clean time for the whole clean family! Now let us never speak of this again.


Frightened By The Internet Again


Where the hell is King Toad????

In my on-going battle to make google acknowledge this website (which is going very poorly, by the way) I stumbled upon this page. Some sort of internet radio website or whatever.
There are several problems with their King Toad page, the most important I guess being that none of the King Toad songs will actually play. But that aside, why are there a shit ton of random King Toad songs on their site anyway? Not that I mind really, but I am quite perplexed to see a track named “Two Scoops” included, as I’m pretty sure I don’t have any songs by that name. Too bad I can’t listen to it!



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