King Toad the Band. Live at The Green Room in Iowa City, Oct. 2004.

One of the last King-Toad-as-rock-band performances. Also one of the better ones.

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Live @ Wild Bill’s 10.21.10

Here are a couple songs my wonderful girlfriend recorded at a show I played Thursday Oct. 21st, just a few hours after my week long stay at the psych ward here in Iowa City. 1st show in 3 years or so I reckon. The show was minimally attended, I was tired & losing my voice, but it’s all good. Isn’t it?


Live @ Uptown Bill’s 9.10.10


Playing At A Thing

So I played at Uptown Bill’s open mic this evening, 2nd time I’ve played @ their new location (1st was open mic 2 weeks ago). Their new location upstairs from Public Access TV where I work, that is to say. Weirdness. My world keeps shrinking. Shriveling.(?) But that’s cool they’re up there, right? I mean, how more convenient could it be: I don’t even have to take my guitar on the dumb ol bus, I can leave it @ work. I do love convenience. Also, this is the 1st time I’ve played in public in like… 3 years? Some ridiculous amount of time. Or not so ridiculous, I do sort of hate performing… I’m trying to work through it. It was fine tonight, more fun than last time. Yay! Maybe I’ll even mention next time I mean to play just in case anyone wants to know it. Maybe who knows we’ll see ok!!!

(This is not a guy from Bill’s open mic, but he  is vaguely reminiscent of the pain I associate with open mics.)


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