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“The Myth of the Suicide King.” 13 years in the making, or so they say. 2011’s 80 min. ode to death, nature & green days. $8.00, shipping & handling included (for domestic orders).

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cult of the amateur

fuck you, andrew keen

appropriations: david byrne, a tribe called quest


I am a rock ‘nd’ roll music video production!’


SupergroupRockStarAlternarenaRifficIndieSmashHitWonders Modest Moussourski have done it again, and they want to take US with them on their newest gangbang rompityroll joyride of rock fantasy stardom!!!

See, for their NEW shit-ass single “Missed the Boat!”, the MOSTEST shit-ass single I never thought I’d ever hear from Monsieur Modesto, they had this RAD, BAD, AWESOME-DICKED music video contest! A contest where YOU make a video, you send it to them, and then somedubby wins, and the judge says, “Yes! This IS our new AWESOME-dicked video for our new shit-ass single “Missing a Boat!!” Then you wun a prize.

Anyway, I made a fukkin EXSELENNT!!!MTV music video for them that I’m hoping they will use. The contest ended a week or two ago and I forgot to send my entry in, but I kind of think that once they see this they will probably need not much to convince them how they want the video I made. It will be the video that gets played on TV and car commercials and things. I feel that it will appeal to everyone, and has a wide range of style and appeal to like.

Here is my video, pleasse write to Ike Brock, CO M.Mousse, 10000 Hollywood Blvd. today and vote for me to win!!!thnkxs!!!



Jamal complains


Here’s a COOL new movie I made where I whine for 5 minutes and then give a kitten herpes!!!


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