I don’t update this website anymore!

I guess because I don’t think people look at it anymore (especially since it’s been “hacked” & “corrupted” & no longer shows up using search engines).

Yesterday I was looking at some of the earliest months of webbage I created for this site, pretty good stuff! (Further evidence that life just keeps getting worse & worse & worse, year after year after year.)

Regardless: buy my new album. I forgot to even post about that on here. Buy My New Suicide Album, “Sideways,” or I’ll kill myslef!!! AGAIN!

Also, here’s the latest update on the MS disease-modifying drug BG-12, for anyone who’s interested.


Suicide King, July-August 2012


Suicide King Pt. 3. July 2012.


The return of “Skin Deep”

Unavailable for several years, the second King Toad album, 1999’s Skin Deep, can now be streamed or downloaded. Go to it!
Skin Deep


The Ever Worsening Adventures of King Toad


I’m a star.?

Here’s a fairly well written article. It’s by no means particularly accurate, and they did manage to misquote me without even speaking to me (I never wrote the words, “I don’t lose,” obviously I lose!), but still: better than most journalism.

Iowa City Man Accused of Vandalizing Cemetery


IOWA CITY, Iowa - Crews at Iowa City’s Oakland Cemetery have spent nearly 50 man hours cleaning up vandalism to fences, signs and buildings after police say a 34-year-old Iowa City man repeatedly defaced the property.

Areli Jamal River was arrested Wednesday night on suspicion of second-degree criminal mischief, a felony, after staff members caught him writing with black marker on fences, garage doors and other property at the cemetery, 1000 Brown St., according to a criminal complaint.

Cemetery Superintendent Bob Deatsch told KCRG the vandalism began March 19 with “really goofy” scribbling that included smiley faces and the word “vulva” paired with diagrams. The vandal returned night after night and wrote antagonizing phrases like, “I don’t lose,” and “Keep going,” Deatsch said.

“And he drew faces on everything,” he said.

Deatsch said the suspect didn’t mar any head stones, but he hit the gazebo in the deeded body area. That, along with some permanent damage to the cemetery’s garage doors, was among the hardest to remove.

“The worst thing he did was draw on the gazebo,” Deatsch said. “I’m just glad he left the head stones alone.”

The suspect returned nearly every night, and Deatsch said he started staying at the cemetery to try and catch him. Wednesday night, Deatsch said he saw the man writing, “Play fair” on a building and followed him to his home at 1440 Prairie du Chien Road.

“I just walked up behind him and asked him why he was tearing up the cemetery,” Deatsch said. “He didn’t have an excuse.”

Deatsch called the police, and he said River admitted to everything – although his motive remains unclear.

“He said he couldn’t explain it,” Deatsch said.

The estimated cost to clean up and restore the property is $1,200, according to police.

Deatsch said he’s never seen this type of persistent vandalism at the cemetery before, and he said there’s nothing they can do to prevent vandals in the future.

“I can’t be here to babysit every night,” he said.

River was released from the Johnson County Jail on Thursday morning.


Buy my new album, sucka!!!

“The Myth of the Suicide King.” 13 years in the making, or so they say. 2011’s 80 min. ode to death, nature & green days. $8.00, shipping & handling included (for domestic orders).

For international orders there will be a $5 additional shipping fee. Click below to order outside the U.S.

Front cover
Back cover


“Oh, Dear People”

An extended version of the 1st video from the new King Toad album “Hooray for the Bad Guy!” Featuring bonus non-album track/s.!!! You love it? Or maybe it’s off-putting. Puts you right OFF!!?!


Part U; 9.24.11 “Hooray” it’s almost done!



Hello, world! Hey, you big, beautiful, cunck twacking world o’ mine! Smick to the fick, twack cuncker! Smick to the mickeytwackin fick!
So listen up, I about have my fun cool 2008 album “Why Am I So Romantic?” re-mastered and ready for re-release. Almost! I don’t know about ya’ll but for me myself?– I’m excited about it. “WAISR?” has been the only King Toad album I really enjoy listening to from start to finish over the past couple years, and I’m happy to have ironed out some of the glitches. I’m tellin yous, this NEW version of Romance cuncks me head over heels with delight! POW!
Plus what now? I have a brand NEW King Toad album 95% finished? waiting on the heels of Romance Revisited?? It’s true! “Hooray for the Bad Guy,” by Mr. Me: King to the mackinfackin Toad, it’s coming soon and almost here, cunck fickey.
I’ll get this month’s Rare Toad mp3s posted real soon like.
One love, smick twacker!

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