“Oh, Dear People”

An extended version of the 1st video from the new King Toad album “Hooray for the Bad Guy!” Featuring bonus non-album track/s.!!! You love it? Or maybe it’s off-putting. Puts you right OFF!!?!


July updates, rarities…

OK OK OK! Forget everything I liked to say about releasing any old thing any old time. Sheesh! Whooofph!! It turns out I’m currently not in a rush to get anything “finished” cuzin nothing ain’t sound “finished” to my ear-holes just now! Yes yes. Oh dear oh no. Well, I druther move slow and git it got proper than go halved arse on a thing. Yis! Don’t feel so sad; product is coming and it will be EVEN GOODER than it woulda coulda beens!
To make it all right up to you, here are 2 of my more favorite “[‘rarities’]” !!! Police Man, a tale of wishing idle cops would provide free shuttle services around town, and After Glow, a song I spontaneously wrote & recorded one morning a few years back after waking up as a particularly melancholy gloomy glump. Whoop whoop whoop! trk1)Hey pigs, I’m’s tired! trk2)Hey world, I’m’s sad!


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