Myth Pt. X


The Week My Girlfriend Was Out of Town


goode ol’ tom petty sayd it bess…

m”ossa the things i…

wory aboute.,

…never happen

anywayay “!


(‘keep it on the +, cuz it is hard to find’

–brown-eyed pees)

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Slleppie ti ma!


Pattrens… of SLEPP!!!


Wow, 3 mornings in a row I wake up 2-3 hours earlier than usual from a pain in my shoulder, but after I’ve been up for a little bit it feels fine. Wouldn’t even be a problem except I can’t get enough sleep. Issa dandest thign! feels so fine if your stannig up, but herts liek a tateraid if yugh lie down r to long. ! ! ! .



So, roommate Tabey n14807319_30782411_6221.jpgdisappeared pretty much for real this morning, off to Delaware, Minnindiana to work at the Wheatcliffe factory, I believe. Most of his mass is still here, but his bed and laptop and other entertainment products are mostly gone, and I have a feeling he won’t be pinin’ for big ol’ broken chairs and stuff too fiercely. He’s been my main man collaboratively for video and theatre and music and such the past couple years, and now suddenly… POOFT-AH! Gone. …Leaves a min-pin at a loss for words, lil bit. Glad I can at least take some comfort in the pleasant if somewhat haphazard birth of The Jubi Show. It’ll be cool fun for all, I hope. (…Not to imply that “Jubi Show” is taking your place at all, Michael, just to say that, well, I don’t know, I guess that it is that your exit was so… swift and unexpected and… disorienting, that, well, you know, well, it’s just, in a sense, I guess a way to feel better now is, a person could think of it as: “Jubi Show” fun is going to have to take the place of where all that Michael Tabor fun used to be.)

In other newds!!!
I can’t believe to say it, but there’s actually a brand new rokk ndad rowl compact disc that I think is quite good to listen to and does quite properly “rowk oot” and “sound neet”!!! BUTT HAY: thassjuss smmeeee!!!!
Traditionally, I’m not even that big a White Stripes fan (really really skinny, bout 6’1″), I’m all, “I like them fine. They’re ugly and Jack seems like a AAA-hole! and their songs sound the same as the other of their songs, but sometimes I like to hear them.” This one, though, for some reason, I get all down to it (though I only got it yesterday, so I can’t guess for Staying Powers). Wasn’t expecting to like it especially, since I’ve uniformly hated most of the other new music I’ve gotten lately. What hey-O! Like it I did. For ME it brought: Nice, simple, well-mixed production; some of my favorite little “solos” and “”licks” ‘”I’ve heard Jack White play; by far my favorite Meg White vocals on a White Stripeys album — mostly backing vocals, which I personally like a lot better than the couple times she’s taken lead in the past — but then there’s also the weird spoken-word-over-bag-pipes-and-fiddles noise-collage song… which, against my better judgement, I pretty much love. And elsewhere on the record, other bits of unexpected experimentation pretty consistently rub me the right way as well, to my continued surprise. Even the super-fuled mariachi trumpets on “Conquest” work out for me. So, well… fucgk yeah, The White Stripes! Thanks for making a new rock musical album that I enjoy to listen to!

ANNand!!! odd as it may BE! There is even MORE music I just now decided to listen to and ended up liking more than expectood! This “thingyis”, uhm, this “stuffed” might not be so-brand-new like White Strips, but ‘snew to MEEE OKAAAYY? OK OK?


I haven’t listened very close, and some of the lyrics are already putting me off a bit, but the songs are real catchy-like, and she sings nice, and the music is crafted more, um, like, interesting and stufff…. than wiff a lot of music.
(I’m trying to not learn anything about her though, on account of her publicity photos look right silly… ‘cept this AWESOME shot I was lucky enough to finddit! TouchDONN!!!)


I don’t have to prove that I am creative. ! .I don’t have to prove that I am “Quirky!GroundbakingNewd!exCitngh11112!”

Sometimesa lil fella like me stays up way too late, “Mucking About”, or maybe sometimes “Piddling Around”. Ummm. Sometimes he do it a lot more, now that he has a shnanky new computer with fitzzy new software to “Fukc Around With” ad nauseam. But, then other times, to make up for it? Well maybe he get a CHUNK load-a sleep, Like, fer examples, maybe 12 hours one night, and then a 2 hour nap later in the day. Or maybe then the next day just 14 hours straight. And then 12. And some naps.

This, friendlies, is how a healthy human mantains a well-balanced balance in its life: through a methodical system of Binge & Purge & Spike & Dive & Gorge & Starve.

Brother Brian said he read that an abundance of sleep can help foster creativity. Maybe it was the power of suggestion, but my last sleep binge did end with me waking up with a snazzy sort of song-fragment stuck in my head, plus the necessary Moral and Physical strengths and powers needed to attempt to start recording said fragment. It went cool enough; I can’t play it for you yet, though. You… can’t… see… it…/ Till it’s finished! -The Autistics

Last night I dreamed that The Republican Party somehow came to an official consensus: plants and animals (except people) do NOT have feelings! They announced it on the news.


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