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Time for your monthly Toad rarities & news update. Two songs for you here: The Same Rules Don’t Apply & Kirk. Why is it called “Kirk”? I don’t know.

Still working on finishing the new album, tentatively titled “Hooray for the Bad Guy!” Also still working on remastering “Why Am I So Romantic?” Both endeavors are going well and with luck will be complete sometime this summer. Without luck they’ll be complete sometime later.

In other news, the Bette Davis inspired album “Three On A Match” (featuring the musical stylings of Neil Carlill, Jeff Mellin & King Toad) is finished and available for YOU to purchase today!!!


The Bette Davis LP is almost here…

“Three On A Match”– the full-length album of songs inspired by the films of Bette Davis & featuring the music of Neil Carlill, Jeff Mellin, and King Toad. A preview of the album can be heard at Burnt Offerings, where a track from each artist is posted. Before you know it, you’ll even be able to trade in some dollars and own this thing! Three ON A Match, Chaz!!


Three On A Match

King Toad is 1/3 of the new songwriting project “Three On A Match,” an album of songs inspired by Bette Davis movies, due to be released later this year. Neil Carlill & Jeff Mellin are the other two contributors, all three members having chosen four (or five) Bette Davis films to base their songs upon.
All the tracks have now been recorded and are currently in the process of being mastered. The CD will be 13 tracks, 50 minutes long. The four King Toad movie-songs are “Of Human Bondage,” “The Letter,” “Hush Hush, Sweet Charlotte,” & one of Davis’ personal least favorites, “Parachute Jumper.”
For more information: 3OAM official facebook page
More information to follow as details are solidified!


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