“Why Am I So Romantic?” Take 2

After three long years in the works, I finally finished remixing/remastering “Why Am I So Romantic?” Or rather, I got too sick of working on it to spend any more time on the project. I’m still not totally satisfied with the “new” finished product, but it’s a definite improvement in many respects. You can (and should) hear & download the new version right here.


The Heat

It’s too hot for anything approaching productivity. I have no updates in particular to share. I’m thinking I should (in general) stop telling people I’m about to put out some King Toad CD/s when really the truth is I want to take my sweet time and be as precious about all of it as I please. Every time I put out a CD (in addition to being sick to death of it by the time it comes out) I think to myself “this could have been better, I know what I would/could fix with more time, but I just gotta call it done & get it out! NOW! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” That’s what I think. Inside of my head. Anyway, this time I wanna slow down, let things sit, come back with fresh ears, retouch as needed, blah blah. Currently I’m feeling pretty good about how “Hooray for the Bad Guy” is coming together. I got frustrated with remastering  “WAISR?” about half way through and haven’t gotten back to it lately. Either way, this deathly steam bubble of a heat wave’s gotta die down here in the heartland before I’m even gonna consider going in my stanky, hot, lil room & turning my recording equipment back on. I still hope to have both projects complete by the year’s end. For now: Time out! Game called on account of bone-melting sweat-clouds of death-heat.

I’ll try to get this month’s rarities posted soon. I hope those rarities are OK, they may be all mildewed from this weather, dried & shriveled.


July updates, rarities…

OK OK OK! Forget everything I liked to say about releasing any old thing any old time. Sheesh! Whooofph!! It turns out I’m currently not in a rush to get anything “finished” cuzin nothing ain’t sound “finished” to my ear-holes just now! Yes yes. Oh dear oh no. Well, I druther move slow and git it got proper than go halved arse on a thing. Yis! Don’t feel so sad; product is coming and it will be EVEN GOODER than it woulda coulda beens!
To make it all right up to you, here are 2 of my more favorite “[‘rarities’]” !!! Police Man, a tale of wishing idle cops would provide free shuttle services around town, and After Glow, a song I spontaneously wrote & recorded one morning a few years back after waking up as a particularly melancholy gloomy glump. Whoop whoop whoop! trk1)Hey pigs, I’m’s tired! trk2)Hey world, I’m’s sad!



Hello, world! Hey, you big, beautiful, cunck twacking world o’ mine! Smick to the fick, twack cuncker! Smick to the mickeytwackin fick!
So listen up, I about have my fun cool 2008 album “Why Am I So Romantic?” re-mastered and ready for re-release. Almost! I don’t know about ya’ll but for me myself?– I’m excited about it. “WAISR?” has been the only King Toad album I really enjoy listening to from start to finish over the past couple years, and I’m happy to have ironed out some of the glitches. I’m tellin yous, this NEW version of Romance cuncks me head over heels with delight! POW!
Plus what now? I have a brand NEW King Toad album 95% finished? waiting on the heels of Romance Revisited?? It’s true! “Hooray for the Bad Guy,” by Mr. Me: King to the mackinfackin Toad, it’s coming soon and almost here, cunck fickey.
I’ll get this month’s Rare Toad mp3s posted real soon like.
One love, smick twacker!

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Rarities, Updates

Time for your monthly Toad rarities & news update. Two songs for you here: The Same Rules Don’t Apply & Kirk. Why is it called “Kirk”? I don’t know.

Still working on finishing the new album, tentatively titled “Hooray for the Bad Guy!” Also still working on remastering “Why Am I So Romantic?” Both endeavors are going well and with luck will be complete sometime this summer. Without luck they’ll be complete sometime later.

In other news, the Bette Davis inspired album “Three On A Match” (featuring the musical stylings of Neil Carlill, Jeff Mellin & King Toad) is finished and available for YOU to purchase today!!!


King Toad is a music

So listen up, Chaz. To build anticipation, longing & need for the awesome, fabulous, amazing new King Toad album (tentatively scheduled for release this summer), I’m-a gone be making some free extra musics available to you, the hypothetical public.

Firstly, there will be new King Toad rarities posted to this website at the beginning of each month. Rejects from previous albums, scraps from unfinished projects, etc. This month we’ve got I Can’t Hear You, a weird little experiment from my early days of recording & editing tracks on a computer, and Jelly Man, an unfinished song from over a decade ago.

Secondly, and more or perhaps less excitingly, I am in the process of remixing and remastering my 2008 album, “Why Am I So Romantic?” I’m cleaning it up a little, removing some digital clipping noise, blah blah blah. Once completed I will have the revamped “WAISR?” available in its entirety for free on this site. Hard copies of greater fidelity (also known as “Compact Discs”) will be available for purchase as well.

Now, are you properly pumped? Stoked? Ready to buy bucket-loads of King Toad merchandise & paraphernalia? Good, good. That’s all I wanted to hear.


The Heat. “Why Am I So Romantic?” The End.


Iddie Biddie Pt. II; Part 23 of 24 from “Why Am I So Romantic?”


And A Democracy Flows. Part 22 of 24 from “Why Am I So Romantic?”


5min. Part 21 of 24 from “Why Am I So Romantic?”


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