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Areli River acts like a doofus again.!


Toad Myth Part T, Sept 6th 2011. Squirrels for the Reaper.


On My Way To Work

Random shots out the window of a speeding bus.


The Week My Girlfriend Was Out of Town


Buddha (“is chicago”)


goode ol’ tom petty sayd it bess…

m”ossa the things i…

wory aboute.,

…never happen

anywayay “!


(‘keep it on the +, cuz it is hard to find’

–brown-eyed pees)

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Today happened!


The Cool Kids

Yeah, I used to be shy. I used to be one of the awkward kids in school, who didn’t want to have spitting fights and pencil wars! But now, in my new grown up life at a job at a work, ya’ll can’t get enough! Everybody loves me so much; I’m like a Mr. Popularity: live and in my flesh! I’m like a “can’t take a shit without 4 people announcing it!” live and in the fleshy part!
“Oh, you’re here!”
“We thought you left!”
“Oh, you are still here!”
“Jamal is still here! Did you see? He didn’t leave!”
No indeed! I was shatting, and now I’m back, and ready to take my place among the cool kids! (To get this to work: imagine that I’m the kid sitting front right, and that the beach is a small home residence-cum-TV station, and that my cool friends are a bunch of random kooks and old people.)
…No one actually needed anything specific from me just then, but it’s good to know that my body parked behind a computer in plain sight keeps people mentally and emotionally calm enough to function here at The Place I Work. (But what do they do when I leave for reals?!)



Some buddy smashed the glass on staff entrance door here at work. Looks kinda neat. I want to not be around when the shards all fall out, though.


The Maestro Car

This morning: took the bus downtown, walked to work from there. On the way: Burlington the Busy Street. Me? I pushed the walk button, and waited for the lights to change.
Change they did! Took a little while, but it was well worth the wait. Why I declare, there must have been at least 15-20 people their cars, bunched up at the stoplight, all of them waiting for little old me! No other pedestrians around, no other cars competing for right of way, just a bunch of idling automobiles, and ME — crossing the street nice and leisurely-like (in the 15 seconds or whatever Burlington gives you). What a head trip! All those folks, mildly inconvenienced purely for my benefit. Seconds of their lives they’ll never get back. Good times.
Sorry to anybody who was in a legitimate hurry, I hope you didn’t get in dutch. Life’s a cruel maestro sometimes.



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