Nov 25, 2012– I lost interest in releasing the box set, aslo lost interest in updating this page. I don’t think anybody looks at this website anyway so there’s precious little incentive.
I’ve been working on some new material, am maybe 1/2 way to finishing an album. Meantime, several Toad albums in their entirety are now up on YouTube, go look & listen.

May 31, 2012– After three long years in the works, I finally finished remixing/remastering “Why Am I So Romantic?” Or rather, I got too sick of working on it to spend any more time on the project. It’s still not perfect, but way better than the original release. You can hear & download the new version right here.

May 12, 2012– Unavailable for several years, the second King Toad album, 1999’s Skin Deep, can now be streamed or downloaded. Go to it!
Skin Deep

May 9, 2012– The King Toad Box Set has been created, soon to be made available to the public. The box set contains all 8 King Toad albums, including the long-unavailable 1999 sophomore release, “Skin Deep.”

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